A group of conditions that result from damage to the nerves in the peripheral nervous system

How Medical Foods Can Help

Select EBM Medical Foods contain ingredients that support blood flow, homocysteine levels, and nerve blood flow to repair the vascular system on a metabolic level.

EBM Products For Neuropathy

What causes neuropathy?

Neuropathy is caused by damage or dysfunction of the peripheral nerves, which can result from various factors. Common causes include diabetes, which leads to high blood sugar levels damaging nerves over time; physical injuries, such as from accidents or surgeries; infections like shingles or Lyme disease; exposure to toxins, including certain medications and heavy metals; and chronic conditions like alcoholism and autoimmune diseases.

Helping clients get to the root cause of there symptoms

Committed to His Clients

"Dr. Hecker is committed to his care. He is responsive, compassionate, and personable. He has always been open to my concerns and worked around them. His regenerative options have been wonderful for my recovery. After several years of significant pain, I am pain-free and back to running. Highly recommend Dr. Hecker to all!!!!" - Megan M.

Really Focused on the Issues

"I was treated by Doc Hecker for the last few months for some hip issues that will help me with movement in the years ahead. It was time so well spent as they really focused on the issues and correcting them so that they don't become more of an issue as I get older. The staff is wonderful and very communicative." - Bob G.

Cannot Recommend Enough

"It is clear that Dr. Hecker keeps up with the current research on sports medicine. His treatment plan made me feel confident in my own recovery. I cannot recommend Dr. Hecker enough!! Next time I have an injury, I know which doctor I will turn to for help." - Josh D.

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